Whether you are aware of this or not we perform every day. As you are reading this you have clearly come to this conclusion and want to make a change in your life.

We perform in many different environments, at home with our family’s, in the board room with colleges, on the field of play in our sports. My role in your life is to optimise those performances.

My performance coaching knowledge is second to none having experienced life as a full-time athlete, studied sport science and helped people achieve personal bests in sport and business for over 20 years.

I approach your coaching needs and goals with a logical and detailed program for you to use in order to maximise your success.

The Process

In a sporting context I provide you with a map to success, a strength and conditioning plan to get you in maximum shape for racing I will talk through race strategies pre and post every race including nutrition, hydration, pacing & the psychology of the race. I will help you train your brain and body to work in unison. Testing normally takes place prior to any coaching for new clients. We review historic data and talk through your needs.

Outside of sports, that map only leads to a different end goal. Many of the processes are the same as preparing for elite sport. It tends to be the language used that changes. The focus moves to training the brain to in still positive self-talk which will create a focus and drive you have yet to achieve.


All of our coaching packages are bespoke to your specific coaching needs. You receive as much support as you need via Zoom, telephone calls, SMS and email. We use Training Peaks Premium accounts to analyse your training data.

I have a passion for endurance and motorsports so have worked with many athletes from these area for many years. This has also crossed over into helping them improve how they approach work and life in general.

My Fees are as follows:

£150.00 PCM for basic monthly plans and support.

£250.00 PCM for detailed plans, weekly support and updates.

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